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  Supplier/product sourcing in China

We provide sourcing services to retailers, wholesalers, agents and manufacturers. We believe a good quality supplier is most important for a successful supply chain which bring long term benefit. Therefore, we extremely attach importance to qualify the Chinese supplier and we always suggest to use qualified Chinese supplier.

Naturally, the usual metrics such as price/quality and time to market are the foundation for a successful purchasing strategy for China, as they are elsewhere. However, your previous failures testify that purchasing in China can be a costly experience with delays, sub-standard quality, and communication problems. We are at your service to avoid purchasing troubles in China. We work closely with the factory and we have good knowledge to understand the technical things and communicate with you fully understood.

  Chinese supplier relationship management

They said China will be the world's factory, they said production in China is the key to winning your market. They are right, but not all-sided.

It's not only about manufacturing in China - what really gives you an edge over your competitors is how well you manage your production in China.

Wins focuses on the suppliers' ability to increase our clients' long term profitability. Deeply understanding of Chinese culture and years experience in Chinese supplier management make us more professional to help our clients to maintain a positive and stable relationship with suppliers.

  Project management

Wins takes the responsibility and manage the complete project or we assist the client's own project organization. We are able to reduce the overall project risk and increase the projects possibility (of success) to meet the targets, time, quality and cost.

  Quality Management

Quality management is a key for building Chinese supply chains. It includes various activities from the very beginning to the end in the business procedure. They are: supplier quality management system audit; First article samples inspection; Pre-production inspection; In-production inspection; Pre-shipment inspection; Loading supervision; Laboratory testing.

Supplier quality management system audit is involved in supplier survey which gives a general impression of supplier quality management level.

By performing inspections, issues are able to be identified before products are produced, shipped or distributed; Specifications, packaging, marking and delivery are ensured to meet the contractual obligations. Inspections save your cost by eliminating issues before these issues cause problems.
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