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Independent Supplier Survey

You are able to find potentional suppliers through internet, and you are able to establish contact with them very easily. But how can you identify they are the qualified supplier that you need? All the informations that you got is only what the supplier told you.

We say it is most important to find a qualified supplier when you start your business. Normally we suggest you to use a manufacturer as a supplier to shorten the supply chain.

We are able to help you to survey the potential supplier in China. We send an auditor to the potential supplier to assess various criteria including, but not limited to:

  • General information – manufacturer or trading company, size, market
  • Quality management system – handling and implementing of internal quality processes.
  • Factory management – cleanliness, safety and organization.
  • Manufacturing capability – machinery assessment, manufacturing skill, level of engineering.
  • Documentation – drawings, production orders and instructions.

All auditing is customised and the focus of each assessment is agreed in advance with the client to ensure the client will know what he want to know.

A factory audit report with detailed objective informations and photos will be submitted.
  Independent Third Party Quality Inspection
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