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  Service Procedures

Supply Market Screening - A screening to identify potential suppliers, their capabilities and market characteristics will be carried out.

Supplier Survey - We are able to evaluate the identified potential suppliers in an effective manner, taking into capability, adaptability and quality matters.

Request For Quotation - We prepare concise, professional and effective RFQ packages. Our main focus will be to encourage competition in the market and allow bidders to tend their most cost effective solution.

Supplier Selection - We have the reputation for selecting supplier under metrics of price/quality, capability, adaptability and capacity.

Negotiations - We conduct professional, ethical and firm negotiations that fairly address the supplier's reasonable business expectations, optimizing our client's position. Wins experienced managers have a reputation for achieving remarkable results in negotiations on behalf of our client.

Sampling and Quality Qualification - We offer the samples, quality qualification will be done before samples are being sent to our client.

Contracts - We prepare professional contracts that are well adapted to the actual purchase in China, and we manage all technical, commercial and legal aspects, while optimizing our client's risk exposure.

Order Management - We do order monitoring to assure quality and on time delivery.

Goods Inspection - We are able to inspect the goods before shipment to provide our client a reference with documented inspection report concerning the goods quality.

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